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This Xbox 360 controller is also a vape, because moms just can't get a break

Tropical Vapes

I'm not a mom, but I have a mom. The only video game she ever let me play was Guitar Hero, which was so fun and instantly gratifying that I abandoned the guitar lessons I had been administering to myself via some library books published in the 1980s. I regret my decision to pursue a mastery of the plastic guitar over the actual guitar. Today, I'm way outside the ideal age to learn a new instrument and I don't live anywhere near my parents' basement, which is where all the dirty old acoustic guitars in upstate New York are kept.

I imagine that a similar fate awaits anyone who ever plays a video game. You never learn to play football, because you become a Madden superstar. Aspirations of cold-blooded international coups are squelched by a couple hours in Call of Duty. You don't see many DDR champions on So You Think You Can Dance, you know.

What are rules, really?

And someday you feel compelled to turn your Xbox 360 controller into a vape and then fill that vape with coffee-flavored tobacco, and then record a video of yourself shirtlessly using that vape. It's like your mom never laid down one rule in your life.

Custom mod just completed...

Posted by Tropical VAPES on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I can say for this invention's inventor is that he refuses to be fazed by criticism, and seems to really believe in himself. In response to some comments expressing disdain for his choice to destroy an Xbox 360 controller (which is I guess similar to eating a copy of the Gettysburg Address) he fought back with spirit and fairly articulate arguments.

"Well good morning every one. Thank you for the positive and negative comments. It helps me to stay motivated and do better.. as far as the negative, I'm surprised. I have never been verbally attacked on the Internet haha."

"How can you actually tell someone there is a wrong way to vape? Maybe I can make a douche mod so you can correctly vape it. See I hate when people talk and they don't know..."

I guess I know absolutely nothing about parenting!

Even less than a commenter who entreated everyone to "just wait til it blows up in his face, busts his teeth out and melts one of his eyeballs" knows about polite discourse.

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