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PayPal says it's the future of money in its first Super Bowl ad

PayPal says it's the future of money in its first Super Bowl ad

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PayPal may be one of the biggest names in online payments, but it has a lot of competition when it comes to in-store, which is quickly being taken over by services like Apple and Android Pay, and mobile, where everyone from Square to Snapchat want a piece of the game. So PayPal is taking to the Super Bowl to remind everyone that it exists and adopting a vibe that says it's super young, hip, and cool.

The ad, which will run during the game's first quarter, is well made — it's pumped up and has some fun stylistic touches, like its quick flash over to a cartoon. But the actual message of the ad is arguably less compelling, trying to draw a distinction between PayPal and the ways we used to handle money, like banks, which PayPal totally still relies on. PayPal's app isn't the one most people think of when it comes to sending or spending money, either. On the other hand, Venmo is one of the apps people think of; and while it may not have PayPal's name on it, PayPal is still behind it.

Correction: Venmo has been owned by PayPal since December 2013; this article originally listed it as a competitor.