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Hyundai’s Super Bowl ads: bears, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart, and moderate stalking

Most dads wouldn't let the guy dating their daughter anywhere near their new car. But, Hyundai says, there could be some benefits to handing over the keys.

In one of its four Super Bowl ads, Hyundai has comedian Kevin Hart hand over the keys to his new Genesis sedan — who then uses a smartwatch app to track the location of the vehicle so he can follow (stalk) the happy couple to the movies, a fair, and to a romantic make-out spot. And then scare the shit out of the young gentleman and keep him away from his daughter.

It's not unlike that first date scene from Bad Boys II, but it's easy to see how this ad could have been much darker with a different actor starring as Dad. Like Steve Buscemi. Or Kiefer Sutherland. Or Liam Neeson. Still, dads will probably think it quite funny. Maybe it'll even sell some cars.

Another spot shows two young ladies who keep getting distracted by a neighborhood full of Ryan Reynoldses (yes, Ryans plural), before the car saves the day with its emergency autobraking feature.

The third spot again showcases Hyundai's companion smartwatch app, with a couple being chased through the woods by bears before the driver starts his Elantra using voice commands on his watch.

Then Hyundai got super weird with an ad showing how Hyundai employees are driven for "better" — apparently because of engines embedded in their chests. This ad I don't understand at all, but three out of four ain't bad.