New trailers: Zoolander 2, Miles Ahead, Green Room, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


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The Coen brothers' new movie, Hail, Caesar!, comes out today and is almost definitely the thing to see this weekend. I might just do that now that I'm mostly through the backlist of other films I've been looking forward to. I caught Anomalisa last weekend — it's... kind of horribly depressing by design, which is not the most fun thing to watch. But there's a lot more that I'm liking about it after the fact, like how it (to arguable degrees of success) twists the Manic Pixie Dream Girl dynamic around.

For the most part, trailers this week are from smaller movies, but that also means they're a lot more varied and interesting. Below, you can check out nine from this week that are worth watching

Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2 is just a week away, but Paramount has found time to sneak in one more trailer. This one is almost all quick cuts and throwbacks to the first film — it can almost get your nostalgia going, but that'll probably depend on whether you love (or are entirely unmoved by) everything else you see, like guest cameos from Skrillex and A$AP Rocky. The movie's out February 12th.

Miles Ahead

Yeah, this is awesome. Don Cheadle is both the director and the star of Miles Ahead, which has him playing a very badass Miles Davis. The movie isn't a straight biopic, instead focusing around one seemingly action-packed incident in the middle of his career. It'll be out on April 1st.

Green Room

Green Room is a hella creepy, super violent deathmatch between punks and a group of neo-Nazis — including one played by Patrick Stewart! — holding them hostage. If that description doesn't sell you on this movie... well, that's totally reasonable, but if you're gonna be into this movie, you probably clicked play a sentence ago. It enters limited release on April 1st.


HBO is celebrating the work of music legend Mavis Staples with a new documentary. Mavis! looks back at the singer's career while chatting with other musicians about the role she's played in soul and civil rights. The film premieres on February 29th.


Netflix has a new documentary series about food, but this one is about so much more than just gratuitous shots of beautifully prepared meals. Cooked, which lists Going Clear director Alex Gibney as one of its executive producer, is about food, who's making it, and how it fits into our culture. It's a four-part series that explores the different ways in which food is prepared. The series premieres on February 19th.

The Characters

So this is an interesting idea: Netflix grabbed a bunch of up-and-coming comedians and gave them a TV show where they can do whatever they want. The Characters is going to be eccentric and, more than likely, a bumpy ride. This could go horribly! Or Netflix could find a few standout names to give series to. We'll find out in a month. All eight episodes premiere on March 11th.

Creative Control

Amazon has picked up the eccentric sci-fi satire that is Creative Control. The film centers around a semi-futuristic vision of augmented reality and the weird interpersonal problems that ensue because of it... you know, like a man trying to date two women and another virtual person. It'll be out on March 11th.

Get a Job

I have a lot of feelings about this. Get a Job is about a group of kids / adults just out of college trying to, you know, get a job aka figure out what on Earth they're going to do with their lives and the acknowledgement that adulthood is kind of a ludicrous lie sometimes. All of which seems very relevant to a large group of 20-somethings in the US right now! But the movie — or, at least, this trailer — looks goofy and saccharine in a way that makes everything here seem like parody. That may well be the case because, for one reason or another, this movie has been sitting around since 2012 and is only being released now that all of its stars (Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick, Bryan Cranston, and Alison Brie) are much bigger stars. It's headed for a simultaneous on-demand and theatrical release on March 25th.

The Driftless Area

This movie is definitely about someone falling in love with ghost Zooey Deschanel.