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In a world where films end as soon as their characters say the title, only Limp Bizkit survives

The greatest movies, as everyone knows, are the ones that include a rap song on the end credits that explains the plot of the thing you just watched (see Deep Blue Sea, most Will Smith films). The second-greatest movies are the ones that have their characters say the movie's title. It's a little bit of fourth-wall breaking that can either feel natural — Jurassic Park's main characters can't exactly go through 90 minutes without saying the name of the macabre theme resort they're visiting — or like a theatrical nod to the audience. Nic Cage, hardly the most subtle of performers, practically winks to the camera as he explains how he wants to take John Travolta's "face... off" in Face Off.

But what if the movies ended there? That's the question that nobody has ever asked, and that Chris Huebs has answered with his YouTube video "If Movies Ended When Someone Said the Title." Fittingly true to its title, the video collates clips where actors say the title of the movie they're appearing in, and smash cuts them to the credits — inexplicably overlaid with rap-metal from the early 2000s and Phil Collins songs. So what would happen if movies did end when their title was spoken? The Lord of the Rings Trilogy would've been a lot shorter, for one — the hobbits don't even get out of elf town Rivendell — but we'd miss out on all of Jurassic Park's dinosaur action and have to listen to Limp Bizkit.

Be grateful movies end when they're meant to.