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DeLorean just released a crazy ad for the car’s comeback

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Not only is the DeLorean going back into production (hopefully), the company has now launched a completely bizarre advertising spot that builds on its recent attention.

It's called "Lucky Coin," and it stars a young man who stumbles upon a DMC-12 (the actual name of the car everyone else calls the DeLorean) on the side of a road. The car's iconic gullwing door opens itself, and the young man jumps in and takes off at a reasonable and prudent speed.

After driving through some beautiful canyons on twisty roads, the man stops the car, climbs out, and pulls out his "lucky coin" — a Kennedy half dollar from 1982, the year the original DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt — and tosses it into a ravine.

What does it all mean? Who knows. I suppose it's left up to the viewer to interpret it all, including the cryptic quote that appears to be from a strange piece written by poet Ben Burke.