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Stop using Tinder to talk about 'feeling the Bern'

Stop using Tinder to talk about 'feeling the Bern'


Caucus and chill

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It's 2016, and presidential campaigns are using everything in their arsenal to get an edge. If that arsenal happens to include "ruthless manipulation of people looking for a hot date to quell the loneliness that bubbles up unbidden every single night," then so be it. This is the future of America we're talking about.

At least, that's the logic behind a new, seemingly popular activity known as Tinder Campaigning. What a time to be alive!

Reuters reports that at least two women have been suspended from the popular dating app because they were incessantly messaging dudes about Bernie Sanders. Why a young gentleman looking for love or free smooches would be offended that the object of his affections immediately started talking up a 74-year-old nerd is beyond me, but I understand why Tinder might have a policy about unsexy political shop talk.

I am learning some great pick up lines today, friends

Reuters interviewed Haley Lent, a 22-year-old married woman from Iowa who said she messaged between 50 and 100 men on the app to ask if they were planning on voting in upcoming primaries, and Robyn Gendrich, a 23-year-old New Jersey woman who spent two weeks asking 60 people a day if they felt "the Bern."

For the most part it seems that the women were reported as bots or spam accounts, but some targets responded "Trump2016." On which Gendrich commented, "It was really alarming to see that a lot of people don't know what's going on in the world." Truly. It is also alarming to know a guy can’t show off his collection of photos with children and cute animals without being bombarded by flagrant politicking!

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The internet is already having its fun with this phenomenon (which I would like to formally name "Swipe Allllllll The Way to the Left"), and a Tumblr blog and Facebook page have sprung up to honor the goofiest political conversations that have occurred in the sacred space reserved for love and abject creepiness.

My personal favorite is this conversation with JD, who is a felon if you're asking him to vote, but may not be if you're asking him to bone. It just depends!

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