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DraftKings is launching in the UK while it fights legal battles in the US

Scott Olson/Getty Images

As the United States cracks down on daily fantasy sports sites, a major player is attempting an expansion: DraftKings officially launched in the United Kingdom today.

In August, DraftKings received a gaming license that allowed the company to operate in the country, and according to Legal Sports Report, it's the first big US fantasy sports company to get permission for the leap to a regulated European market. But meanwhile, in the US, several states have declared fantasy sports to be illegal gambling operations, and more legal challenges are still unfolding: New York, a major piece of the fantasy sports business, is in court fighting to shut down DraftKings and FanDuel, as the companies argue that they are games of skill not subject to regulation.

DraftKings' statement today very carefully makes note of its opinion on that distinction, saying that it will welcome UK users to participate in the company's "innovative skill-based contests."