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Bernie Sanders will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

They should change the name of Saturday Night Live to Saturday Night Fever because the late-night show is feelin' the Bern. Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will appear on SNL this weekend, Deadline reports.

Bern-ing sensation

Saturday Night Live has not officially confirmed the appearance, but it makes sense that Sanders would stop by tomorrow night. Larry David, who has impersonated Sanders on SNL in the past, is set to host Saturday's episode. Sanders is following in the footsteps of his competition for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton, who appeared on SNL late last year. In that sketch, Clinton played Val, a bartender forced to listen to Hillary Clinton (played by Kate McKinnon) complain about the trials of being, well, Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump hosted SNL back in November.

Maybe Bernie Sanders will play a banker at a Wall Street firm.