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Verge ESP: The '90s are coming!

Verge ESP: The '90s are coming!


Branded nostalgia

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Liz and Emily are back on their proper coasts — finally — and from this perspective, it becomes clear the '90s are back. Like, in a very serious way. Take, for instance, the new O.J. miniseries, which Emily can't stop watching — and which is, arguably, providing some interesting perspective on race in America in that period.

Will we ever seen JNCOs again?Are all the '90s nostalgia acts just part and parcel for the 20-year rehash cycle? Can the resurgence of "'90s things" be attributed to the fact that all the #content is made by people who were young then and want to recapture their lost youth and innocence? Is Emily excited about the new Full House? How is The X-Files going? Why are all the children wearing crop tops? Will we ever see JNCOs again?

Meanwhile, Liz is wondering why the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention treats host vehicles for fetuses women as though their own health, self-determination, and decision-making doesn't matter. The CDC has made the absolutely bonkers recommendation that women of child-bearing age who are not on birth control shouldn't drink. (This makes sense for women who are actually trying to conceive but that is absolutely not how the recommendation was worded; special emphasis was placed on the possibility of unintended pregnancies, and how young women shouldn't drink juuuust in case they're accidentally knocked up. Y'all know abortion exists and is legal in this country, CDC, right?) First: not all women of childbearing age are fertile! Second, not all sexually active women are interested in men! Third: why does the baby's health get all the hype — when there's a whole human being who already exists and probably needs to be healthy for her own sake? (Alcohol is a leading cause of preventable injury and death.)

Will Liz stop drinking? Will Emily unearth her old crop tops? Tune in to find out!

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