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See what Blue Origin's rocket landing is like from the vehicle's point of view

Blue Origin

We've seen Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket land multiple times from just about every angle — but now we can see what the trip is like from the rocket's point of view. The company, led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, released a Vine of the vehicle's second landing attempt on January 22nd. The video is shot from a camera mounted on the booster and sped up to last just six seconds. The footage shows New Shepard deploy its legs and then reignite its engines to perform the propulsive landing.

The landing from a whole new angle

Blue Origin sent shockwaves through the spaceflight community when it announced late last year that it had successfully landed the New Shepard rocket after launching it into space. It was a feat that had never been done before up until that point, though SpaceX landed its Falcon 9 soon thereafter. But Blue Origin impressed everyone again in January when it revealed it had launched and landed that very same rocket from last year. Finally, a reusable rocket had been reused.

Right now, the New Shepard is Blue Origin's only vehicle; it's designed to take passengers into sub-orbital space, where they'll experience four minutes of weightlessness. But the company has plans to go even bigger with its rockets. Bezos noted that Blue Origin is already three years into development of a rocket that can achieve orbit. He said he will share details about that vehicle sometime this year.