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Recommend me a note sharing app



I'm a maths teacher. Some of my students are doing A Level exams (England) and I want a better way of sharing my solutions with students. I would like to be able to make videos like, annotating over exam questions with my voice and a pen. I think this would help students as they'd get to watch the solution progress in real time.

A few things.

+I want to do this in a high quality way. I just can't take the 'film yourself drawing on paper' method.

+I currently own a Windows laptop (damn Windows only edu applications and terrible Mac Word formatting issues), a 2010 Macbook and an iPhone 6.

Ideally I'd like to spend the minimum I possibly can but I'm open to buying a bit of new hardware.

I know what I'm doing a little but even after a bit of research, I'm a little confused. What do I need? Wacom style tablet and a mic? Is there a good app for recording notes like this?

I was hoping that clever Verge people could give me a hand.