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What time is the Superb Owl?

Hoo's excited

Where does the superb owl live? Surrounded by the bones of its vanquished enemies. What does the superb owl eat? Moths, grasshoppers, and candied yams.

superb owl 1

(Wikimedia commons)

What does the superb owl do all day? Heckle bluejays and menace blackbirds. Where does the superb owl go out at night? New York's hottest club. What makes the superb owl so superb? That is trademarked and I will be sued if I say. (The way to get around this is to talk about The Big Bird.) How many superb owls are required for a superb owl party? At least four.

superb owl 2


How many superb owls can the average person expect to see in a lifetime? A minimum of ten. How do you increase your likelihood of seeing a superb owl? By hiding in a hay bale. How big is the superb owl? As big as its dreams. When is the superb owl kick-off? Depends on its talons.

superb owl 3


What does the superb owl win? Everything. Does the superb owl appear on TV? Only when its agent can meet its booking fee. How much does a superb owl ad cost? The entrails of six mice. What time is the superb owl? The time is now.