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People are being super mean to Tim Cook about his blurry Super Bowl photo

Shot with iPhone 6

Tim Cook, who runs one of the world's most important companies and does not need this crap from any of you, is getting roasted after posting a wild, out-of-focus shot on Twitter tonight at the end of Super Bowl 50. Presumably shot with an iPhone, the photo shows what appears to be the aftermath of Super Bowl 50, in which people on the field are being showered with confetti, or maybe nerve gas. It's not totally clear.

"Shot with iPhone," quote-tweeted a bunch of jackals, after Cook shared his blurry photo from the 20-yard line of Levi's Stadium. The Apple CEO and football fan had tweeted in praise of the Denver Broncos, and now he's going to pay for it, because that's how Twitter works.

One smart-ass even tweeted at Cook in Portuguese, like he's got time to learn that right now.

Look, we get it. You've never posted a bad photo online, and now Tim Cook has. You have won this day. You and the Denver Broncos. Go take a Gatorade bath. Send us the pictures.

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