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The closest thing to a Ferrari family car is now the GTC4Lusso


The FF is dead; long live the GTC4Lusso.

Ferrari's FF is currently the most "practical" car in the automaker's lineup — and I use that term loosely, considering that it's still a little three-door hatch that only seats four. But at the Geneva auto show early next month, Ferrari will show the GTC4Lusso, which is a reworked FF with a little more horsepower from the V-12 engine (680, up from 651) and a 0-62 mph time that's 0.3 seconds quicker. Now, you'll be able to make that sprint in 3.4 seconds, all while carrying the spouse, a kid, a dog, and a few sets of skis.

That's not the biggest news, though: the GTC4Lusso has both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering, paired in a new system that Ferrari calls "4RM-S." (The FF had AWD, but no rear-wheel steering.) The result, Ferrari says, is that you can "effortlessly handle the GTC4Lusso’s extraordinary torque even on snow-covered, wet or low grip roads" — another nod to the fact that this car isn't so much about the track as it is getting the family around in any weather.

We'll see much more of the GTC4Lusso at Geneva in a few weeks — but in the meantime, between this and the F12tdf, it looks like we need to get used to a new era of significantly more complex Ferrari model names. That's fine, as long as they're still pretty and fast.