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The Wi-Fi in the White House is just as bad as yours

The Wi-Fi in the White House is just as bad as yours

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The White House may be a symbol of American strength and leadership, and an impenetrable fortress only conquered by those who dare to jump the fence, but when it comes to Wi-Fi, it's just like your home. In an interview with CBS, President Obama revealed that the Wi-Fi in the most protected building on earth is kind of sketchy.

"It can be a little sketchy."

"We've been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks, because it is an old building, and so there's a lot of dead spots where Wi-Fi doesn't work," President Obama said. Michelle Obama said their daughters weren't thrilled with the connection either. "It can be a little sketchy," Michelle Obama said about the Wi-Fi. "The girls are just irritated by it sometimes."

It's kind of ironic the leader of the wealthiest country — and more importantly the boss of the CIA, NSA, and DARPA — can't get a decent Wi-Fi connection in his home. But then again he probably has that awful Comcast modem / router combo too. In this one instance, we all feel your pain.

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