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Name your own Ferrari with our handy generator

Name your own Ferrari with our handy generator


The La570MaranelloFerrari 2+2 is the most exciting supercar of 2016

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Maybe you saw the news earlier this morning that Ferrari is replacing its ferocious FF shooting brake with the GTC4Lusso, a refreshed model with rear-wheel steering and an uptuned V-12 engine.

That's not the real news, though. No: that honor goes to the name, which is a marvel of complexity. Just break it down — you've got an acronym ("GTC" likely stands for Gran Turismo Competizione), followed by a number, followed by a lovely sounding Italian word, and not a space to be found anywhere in the lot. In fact, I'd argue that the lack of spacing is the most incredible feature of the name.

Ferrari, in its press release announcing the car, has a full record of the badge's provenance:

The GTC4Lusso's name references illustrious predecessors, such as the 330 GTC or its 2+2 sister model, the 330 GT — one of Enzo Ferrari's favourites — and the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, which represented a sublime combination of elegance and high performance. The number 4 alludes to the car's four comfortable seats.

Fair enough, Ferrari. Considering that we're coming off the announcement of the similarly complex and numerical F12tdf ("tdf" stands for "Tour de France"), we thought the time was right to help Maranello out with a proper name generator. Just hit the button, and boom. All you've got to do is fill in the backstory of what the name represents, but that's probably the easy part, right?