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Rick Rubin is releasing an official Star Wars-themed EDM compilation

Rick Rubin is releasing an official Star Wars-themed EDM compilation


Star Wars Headspace features Flying Lotus, Rustie, and... J.J. Abrams, and it's out February 19th

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Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

Do you ever listen to electronic music and think, "You know what would make this better? Star Wars samples!" You're not alone, apparently: legendary producer Rick Rubin is curating a new EDM compilation called Star Wars Headspace, a sort of companion piece for the December's The Force Awakens in which a dozen popular producers monkey with the series' sonic portfolio. Flying Lotus, Rustie, Röyksopp, J.J. Abrams, Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Rubin himself are all contributing new music.

Zane Lowe premiered a few of the release's tracks on his Beats 1 radio show, starting with Flying Lotus' (Steven Ellison) contribution "R2 Where R U?" It sounds a lot like the astral electro-jazz he's released on albums like Cosmogramma and You're Dead! with one key addition: chopped-up C-3PO samples. "The coolest thing [about the project] is having my name near a Star Wars logo, officially," said Ellison.

Lowe also premiered Baauer's rowdy "Cantina Boys" (it's full of cantina horns and Darth Vader's heavy breathing) and Rubin's own track "NR-G7," which uses sampled R2-D2 bleep-bloops as something like a lead melody. The DJ committed to further promotion and premieres throughout the week on Beats 1, and you won't have to stay glued to the radio to hear new music for long. According to Exclaim, Star Wars Headspace is being digitally released on February 19th. (A physical version is coming out about a month later.)