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Kickstarter just hit 100,000 successfully funded campaigns

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Kickstarter hit a big milestone overnight: the successful funding of a 100,000th campaign. It's taken Kickstarter nearly seven years to reach 100,000 funded projects, but the rate at which projects are being funded is much faster than it used to be. In a blog post, Kickstarter says that it took 121 days for a first 100 projects to be funded back in 2009; its most recent 100 funded projects took only three days. In total, Kickstarter says $1.9 billion in successful funding has gone through its platform, with just over one-third of campaigns making it to their goal.

Kickstarter is celebrating the milestone with a blog post filled with strange stats about those 100,000 projects. One of the more interesting is that those campaigns came from only 86,101 creators — meaning almost 14,000 successful campaigns came from creators who'd already had at least one success. That makes sense: Kickstarter successes often return to the platform when they're ready to launch another product since they know customers are there and waiting for them. Pebble did this when it launched its second series of smartwatches. Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin has also launched campaigns for other games, like Secret Hitler. Kickstarter says that it had over 8,500 successful campaigners launch at least one more successful project. One person managed to fund 94.