Title Change: Which SSD Brand would you recommend?


My 2014 Dell I5 laptop's Hard Drive bit the dust this weekend. Luckily, I was still under the original warranty and Dell is sending me a replacement and I'm going to be swapping it out myself.

Since I'm going to be in there anyway, I was wondering what's the best way to speed up the laptop:

1) Install an SSD instead of the HDD. Original is 1TB 5400 rpm HDD. New would be a 240GB SSD.

2) Add more memory. Original is 6GB (4GB + 2GB - weird). Increase to 16GB.

I can get a 240GB SSD or 16GB of memory for around $70. I think I can live with the smaller capacity SSD. This is the kids' computer for homework, browsing, streaming and light gaming. I'd have to replace both sticks of original memory.

Which do you think would give me faster/better performance?

[Edit: The consensus is SSD is the way to go, given the choice. Now which SSD brand do you recommend?]