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An awesome person made this automatic Lego paper airplane machine

Lego is perhaps the greatest toy in the world. You can build anything you can imagine, whether that's a castle, a city, a mountain, or, in the case of this incredible video, an automatic paper airplane machine.

The machine was made for a Super Bowl ad for Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 150 company that helps big companies do things with electronics. It doesn't sound very exciting, which is why it's working on this new branding campaign — this ad is for its aerospace and defense business. Arrow hired ad agency Elevation Digital Media, which hired Lego modeler Arthur Sacek, and the machine was born.

Lego automatic paper airplane

The spot includes quotes from JFK, Charles Lindbergh, and Neil Armstrong. The idea is that the future of aviation is built off the accomplishments of the past. But, more than anything, this machine is about the visuals. So stop reading what I wrote about it and watch this behind-the-scenes video instead. And then start building one of your own.