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Who killed the Super Bowl commercial?

Who killed the Super Bowl commercial?

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Remember when you proudly watched the Super Bowl just for the commercials? The 1990s were an advertising heyday for Budweiser, Pepsi, and a handful of forgotten dot com companies, all of whom jockeyed to win the nation's approval with trippy short films featuring talky animals and unshakeable catch phrases. People would have them printed on T-shirts or inked into tattoos.

Things have changed. Over the last two decades, the Super Bowl ad lost its punch. The rise of late night pot-friendly television, internet videos, meme culture, and GIFs have normalized weirdness and reduced pop culture moments to mere minutes. The Super Bowl ad's time has passed, leaving us to appreciate the Doritos or Heinz commercial with a smile as it erases itself from our memory to make room for something Denny's just tweeted.

Don’t mourn. Let us be grateful, for we live in a weirder world, one where strangeness is welcome 365 days a year.