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Grimes, Miike Snow, and IBM's DJ Watson will perform at Moogfest this year

Riccardo Savi/Getty Images

Moogfest, the annual festival inspired by synth inventor Robert Moog, has just added two new headliners to its 2016 lineup: Grimes and Miike Snow. UK grime artist Skepta, Health, and EMA were also pegged onto the lineup today. The festival announced its first round of artists, which included GZA, Blood Orange, and Reggie Watts, at the end of last year.

Get ready for DJ Watson

Today's announcement also brought new details about what the non-music portion of Moogfest will entail. An art exhibit by Kyle McDonald called Wi-Fi Whisperer will allow participants to "listen to leaky data from festival-goers’ devices," repurposed in the form of ambient noise and a visual display. IBM's Watson will collaborate with festival-goers to compose DJ sets of their own. His musical moniker? DJ Watson, of course.

Moogfest has positioned itself as a festival for "futurist thinkers" since 2004. This year it's moving from its usual homebase in Asheville, North Carolina, to Durham, where it will run from May 19th to 22nd, 2016.

Correction, 12:51PM ET: The art installation is called Wi-Fi Whisperer, not Wi-Fi Whisper.