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Kanye West will give you sneakers if you guess his album's new title

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This Life of Pain? The Life of the Party? The Lord of Pop? Ugh, just release it

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This is a busy week for Kanye West. He's going to show his new Yeezy Season 3 collection and premiere his new album — his first since 2013's Yeezus — at Madison Square Garden on February 11th, and that show is going to be screened in theaters around the world at the same time. It sounds like fun, right? There's just one small problem: the album's title keeps changing.

West spent much of last night tweeting pictures from a pre-show fitting and a last-minute studio session. In one of those tweets, he claimed the album formerly known as So Help Me GodSWISHand Waves is now titled... well, no one's exactly sure. All we know is that it fits the acronym T.L.O.P.

This Life of Pain? The Life of the Party? The Lord of Pop? Your guess is as good as mine, and West's Twitter replies are littered with variations on the titles above alongside more humorous suggestions. (I'm partial to Tea Leoni / Original Pringles.) This is professional-grade promotional trolling, of course: West is going to keep his name in the news with tweaks, tweetstorms, and Twitter polls until the second the album is released. At least he's kind enough to reward anyone who can guess the album's full title with tickets to the Yeezy Season 3 premiere and a pair of his hyper-popular sneakers.

Part of me feels like all the journalists who have a panic attack every time Kanye tweets should get their own pair of Yeezys, but maybe I'm just projecting. T.L.O.P. (or whatever it's called) comes out on February 11th.

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