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Tim Cook deleted his blurry Super Bowl photo

Tim Cook deleted his blurry Super Bowl photo


Even tech's most powerful CEO gets tired of your trolling

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Well you did it, mean-spirited internet humans. Tim Cook has deleted the Super Bowl picture that sent Twitter into a tizzy on Sunday night. As the Denver Broncos celebrated their Super Bowl 50 victory, Apple's CEO made his way onto the field and took a photo of all the excitement (and confetti). He uploaded it to Twitter with a message congratulating the Super Bowl champs. Now, either Cook didn't take much time to review his shot or he just didn't care, but it was a very blurry snapshot of what must've been a thrilling moment. Although he took a second, far better shot minutes later, the damage was already done — and the mockery and ridicule came flying. There were too many "Shot with iPhone" jokes to count.

And while Cook hasn't commented on the matter (he's not really one for replying on Twitter), clearly he got pretty sick of all the mentions and trolling. The tweet in question is now gone, but maybe deleting it wasn't the smartest move, since the image will no doubt live on forever in the annals of Google Image Search. If you search "Tim Cook Super Bowl photo" right now, for example, you'll find this lovely composite by The Mirror.

Probably should've just left it alone, Tim. It would've been something to laugh off at next month's Apple event. Even the best cameras are capable of taking a lousy, blurry image from time to time. And hey, we've all got imperfect photos that still hold meaning for us.

Just look at the picture before tweeting next time.