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New Windows 10 update appears to fix Edge's private browsing problem

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Two weeks ago, Microsoft's Edge browser got some bad news: the InPrivate feature was caching visited URLs, exposing a user's web history to anyone who got hold of their hard drive. While not totally unprecedented, it was still an embarrassing lapse for the newly minted browser, and one Microsoft was eager to fix. "We are committed to resolving this as quickly as possible," a Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge.

Now, that fix appears to be here. Alongside a number of other fixes, a Windows 10 update published today includes the following item: "Fixed issue with Microsoft Edge browser caching visited URLs while using InPrivate browsing." Reached for comment, a Microsoft representative confirmed that the relevant patch was aimed at fixing the InPrivate issue..

It's part of Microsoft's new practice of providing a record for each patch deployed to Windows 10 users. Other items in the update include fixing "issues with authentication" and "improv[ing] security in the Windows kernel."

8:42pm ET: Updated with confirmation from Microsoft.