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The full trailer for Fuller House has arrived

The full trailer for Fuller House has arrived


Prepare thyself

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You may have been teased by the clip that popped up this morning, but the time for waiting is over: the full trailer for Netflix's Fuller House has arrived. And how is it? Well, it's everything you would want from a trailer for a sequel series to Full House. It has the Tanner family, hugging it out. It has Kimmy Gibbler, acting totally insane. And it's also got self-awareness: see, this House is filled with people who know how lame '90s TV jokes were, and aren't afraid of calling them out when they see them. (Unless they're actually making said jokes; then they don't seem as aware.)

And did I mention the laugh track? Oh, the trailer is proof that Fuller House is all about the laugh track, making it — and I say this with absolutely sincerity — a true spiritual successor to the original series. Whether that makes you clap your hands with delight, or put your hands over your ears and run screaming out your front door, is probably going to come down to whether you have any nostalgic fondness for the original. But no matter what side of that fence you end you sitting on, it cannot be denied: the age of Fuller House is upon us. (February 26th, only on Netflix.)