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You can now control your robot vacuum from a smartwatch

You can now control your robot vacuum from a smartwatch


Neato adds smartwatch integration to its Botvac Connected vacuum

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Neato's robotic vacuum can now be controlled with a smartwatch, thanks to an app update announced today. The automatic update allows smartwatch users to start, stop, and receive notifications from Neato's Botvac Connected vacuum, a Wi-Fi-connected Roomba competitor that uses laser scanning to map and clean spaces. The Botvac Connected could already be controlled from iOS and Android smartphone apps; today's update brings the same functionality to Apple and Android smartwatches.

According to Neato, today's update makes the Botvac Connected the first robot vacuum to offer smartwatch functionality. In addition to starting and stopping the vacuum, Botvac Connected owners can monitor the progress of its cleaning on their smartwatches, and receive a notification once it's finished. For a more through analysis of the Botvac Connected, and how it stacks up against the competition, read our review from last year.