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Watch Scott Kelly return to Earth today after spending a year in space

His journey home will begin at 4:15PM ET

After a year filled with space veggies, microgravity water ping pong, and gorilla invasions, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is at long last coming home today. Yesterday, Kelly handed over command of the International Space Station to NASA astronaut Tim Kopra in preparation for his departure. And this evening, Kelly will embark on the more than seven-hour-long trek to get back to Earth.

The spacecraft is slated to touch down at about 11:27PM ET

His journey home will begin at 4:15PM ET, when Kelly says his final goodbyes and gets into the Soyuz capsule that will take him back to solid ground. Kelly is heading back with fellow One-Year Mission crew member, Mikhail Kornienko, and cosmonaut Sergey Volkov. At 8:05PM ET, the Soyuz carrying the three-person crew will undock from the ISS and make its slow descent down to Earth. The engines on the Soyuz will then ignite around 10:34PM ET, taking the capsule out of orbit and prompting the spacecraft's reentry into Earth's atmosphere. The spacecraft is slated to touch down in Kazakhstan an hour later, at about 11:27PM ET.

Watch today's events at the live stream above, and learn more about how Kelly's body may have changed while aboard the ISS.