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Pebble cuts the price of Time and Time Round smartwatches

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Time is less money

Pebble today is dropping the price of its Time and Time Round smartwatches to $149.99 and $199.99, respectively. This is a $50 drop from the prior prices, and matches some of the time-limited promotions Pebble has done in the past. The Time Steel is remaining at $249.99.

The new pricing makes the Time models more competitive with other, lower-cost smartwatches and fitness trackers, such as the Asus ZenWatch 2 and Fitbit's new Blaze, which is available for purchase starting today. Pebble also says that over 90 percent of Time-series watch owners have activated the new Pebble Health features launched in December, and that two-thirds use Pebble Health for activity or sleep tracking on a weekly basis.

Pebble is also announcing expanded retail availability of the Time Round in the UK and EU. Those that purchased a Time or Time Round after January 21st at the old prices can contact Pebble for a price adjustment before April 1st.

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