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Steve Ballmer is happier dunking than you are doing anything

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Steve Ballmer's career has had many highlights. He rose from early employee to CEO of one of the most influential companies in the world. He oversaw the launch and rise of successful businesses like the Xbox. And he very recently purchased the Los Angeles Clippers. But last night Ballmer's career quite literally hit new heights as he launched himself off a trampoline in the Staples Center for a passionate, far from elegant dunk. He then hugged a cartoon condor.

steve ballmer dunk-tldr-???

In all seriousness, this is everything we could want out of Ballmer's life post-Microsoft. He's still doing ridiculous stunts. Still making crazed faces. Still doing anything to get his audience pumped. According to the Los Angeles Times, Ballmer's dunk won everyone in the audience a pair of Chucks. You can see in Ballmer's face that he did not want to disappoint his fans. Mouth agape. Eyes wide. Stretching himself ever so slightly above the rim. It could have been a miss. But Ballmer would never let that happen.

steve ballmer dunk-tldr-???