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Monica's apartment from Friends looks amazing rendered in Unreal Engine 4

The one with detailed lighting effects

The latest in gaming technology is best used for exploring apartments from 1990s sitcoms. First someone made a virtual reality version of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment, and now there's a ridiculously detailed take on Monica's two-bedroom abode from Friends, created using the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. According to the developer, the apartment was built over the course of three months as part of a university project. It's not the entire apartment, as bedrooms and bathrooms are hidden behind closed doors, but it's impressive nonetheless. The apartment features an incredible focus on detail — you can read the labels on the cans in the kitchen, and the couch pillows are laid out in a way that even Monica could appreciate. All that's missing is a virtual version of Joey digging through the fridge.

Friends gif