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'My Spock' is the Star Trek / Hamilton mash-up the galaxy needs

Jackson Lanzing has published a beat-for-beat parody of "My Shot," the third song in, objectively speaking, the best musical ever, Hamilton. Paired with footage from the two recent Star Trek films, this song follows the story of everybody’s favorite nerd, Spock, from confused and angry baby vulcan to Romulan fist-fighting badass. The tale is weirdly parallel to real-life historical figure-turned musical star Alexander Hamilton.

Now I’m not going to say that this video was made for me, specifically, but as an individual raised almost exclusively on Star Trek, musicals, and family trips to Gettysburg the odds are 99 percent in favor of such a theory.

But don’t take my word for how excellent this video is. (If you haven’t already watched it, like, seriously: Why haven’t you watched it yet?) Both the creator of Hamilton, his excellency Lin Manuel Miranda and the current director of the Star Trek film franchise, J. J. Abrams are fans.