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YouTube Gaming's mobile apps launch in four new countries

YouTube Gaming's mobile apps launch in four new countries


Bringing mobile game streaming with it

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YouTube Gaming

Google announced today that YouTube Gaming, its Twitch-like hub for gameplay videos and live streaming, is expanding its iOS and Android apps to Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The service is also adding features for Android users, including the ability to watch YouTube Gaming videos in a smaller window while using other apps and support for 60fps livestreams. The company announced a few small design tweaks to the web version too, like the removal of the sidebar on YouTube Gaming's homepage, a new "Live" tab, and new pages for managing the games and channels you follow.

While YouTube Gaming's mobile apps may not seem like a big deal compared to its web service, smartphone game streaming and video capture is something the company is in a unique position to capitalize on. The service first launched support for those features on its Android app in October. YouTube Gaming's deep integration with the Google-owned mobile OS means the service has an advantage over Twitch, which requires that developers use its mobile SDK to enable livestreaming or capture from smartphones. Twitch has also in the past also urged Android players to use a Sony-made capture app, but YouTube Gaming's version of the features work without any extraneous effort from developers or users. They do not, however, work on the iOS version of YouTube Gaming.