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Even with all this Galaxy S7 hype around...


...I'm still likely going to get an iPhone when I'm due for an upgrade. Or am I?

Having bought a Mac and still being a BlackBerry holdout for my current phone cycle, I've made this decision a few months back.

But here comes this great Galaxy S7 Edge I didn't see coming at all. I have to say it's a tempting phone which is giving me second thoughts, especially compared to the current iPhone line up. But there are still three major points I feel might hold me back:

1. I just don't want to take up with Samsungs bloated software and foreseeable update cycles. I'd be willing to root the thing in favor of Cyanogen mod, but that will likely bust the camera and other optimizations and services Samsung tailor made, right? Also, I don't like fiddling that much anymore, especially when it ruins the warranty.

2. The iPhone integrates much better with my Mac. Having ported everything over to iCloud (which works okay-ish with my BlackBerry) recently, I think this blows almost any other option out of the water.

3. Much more polished software, better and longer support. ...well "it just works".

All things considered, here's the deal: I know I wouldn't get the best phone on the market, whether performance-, camera-, nor display-wise, especially not in bangs-for-bucks terms. BUT it seems to be the most solid, best integrated and most pain-free solution of them all. Right?

What do you guys think? Are you in a similar situation? Also, since I'm not an Apple fan, Plex guys who know their way around Android are welcome to encounter my arguments/fears. Tbh I wasn't sure about where to post this (A-Core or G-Plex).