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Watch the trailer for a hallucinogenic Aladdin starring Macaulay Culkin

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Sex, drugs, and papier-mâché

Adam Green is best known as one half of anti-folk duo The Moldy Peaches, but he's also a filmmaker and an artist, creating bright, cartoonish paintings as well as collages and papier-mâché sculptures. The trailer for his upcoming filmAdam Green's Aladdin, manages to mix all these elements as it retells the classic tale, sprinkling in a cohort of guest stars, from Macaulay Culkin to Alia Shawkat of Arrested Development fame. (Green has previously worked with Culkin on The Wrong Ferarri, a feature film shot entirely on an iPhone.)

Speaking to Twin, Green says he wants the film to reinterpret the story of Aladdin through modern eyes. "In my version the lamp is a 3D printer that prints out an analogue version of the internet. And the Princess is sort of like a Kardashian who’s on the Sultan’s reality show," says Green, adding that he used papier-mâché for the set and costumes in the hope that it would feel like the actors were "inside a real life cartoon." Judging by this trailer, it worked. Adam Green's Aladdin will debut in Canada and the US on April 15th, and released worldwide on May 12th.