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You can drag and drop text between apps in the Android N preview

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Another small way to make split-screen useful

Split-screen multitasking is one of the biggest new features in the Android N developer preview Google released yesterday, and we're still finding new ways to use it. One bit of functionality that Google added (at least in a very rudimentary form) is the ability to drag and drop text between split-screen apps. Just highlight the text, hold down on it for a second, and, well, you know what to do next.

Based on our tests this doesn't seem to work for just any text — it has to be something you're typing in a text box (so, dragging and dropping from an email into Google Hangouts will work, but dragging a piece of text from a webpage won't). And it doesn't seem to work with large blocks of text, only with short snippets, and it's a bit twitchy to use, and it doesn't work with all apps. But it definitely exists! Which hopefully means it will also get better.

You can watch the drag-and-drop feature in action below: