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A $20 add-on will solve your MacBook power adapter problems

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But it won't stop your cables from fraying

Apple's MacBook is a paragon of design, thin, sleek, and convenient — everything its power adapter isn't. The plug that ships with Apple's laptop in North America is awkward when not used with a power bar, a rounded white cube that juts out several inches from any wall it's inserted into, making furniture placement tricky. But that problem could be solved soon, thanks to the Blockhead, a $20 add-on that slots into your Macbook's adapter and lets it sit almost flat against the wall.

It's not just the MacBook charger it works with, either: the Blockhead's maker, Ten One Design, says it'll fit into iPad, chargers too, and it could even appeal to people outside of North America — the Blockhead takes up half of the horizontal space that Apple's supplied European, Asian, and other power cords do. If you're sick of your lumpy charger poking out of the wall, the Blockhead add-on is currently available for pre-order right now, and Ten One Design says it'll ship out in late April.