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Microsoft’s OneNote now lets you import Evernote notes

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Microsoft's OneNote app has been cross-platform for some time now, but one of the big barriers of moving from a service like Evernote has been the lack of full support for importing existing notes. Microsoft is releasing a OneNote importer tool today that's specifically designed to import Evernote notes.

The tool will be available initially on Windows, with a Mac version to follow, and allows you to migrate all Evernote content into OneNote. Microsoft's new tool works on Windows 7 or later PCs, and the software maker recommends users have Evernote for Windows installed to speed up the migration. While both note-taking apps are very similar, Microsoft is hoping to tempt Evernote users to finally switch with this new tool, free offline access, and unlimited monthly uploads. You can download Microsoft's new OneNote importer tool from the company's OneNote website.