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Diablo II gets its first patch since 2011

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Diablo II — the dark action RPG first released in 2000, which saw a sequel in 2012 — has just received an official patch from developer Blizzard. "It's been a long time coming," the company says. The game received its last official patch nearly five years ago, and the latest — version 1.14a — is primarily designed to make Diablo II run better on modern hardware, smoothing out some glitches in the 16-year-old game. For Mac gamers, it also includes a proper installer for OSX. "You can finally retire those old Mac PowerPCs," the developer says. And there will likely be another patch at some point in the future as well, as Blizzard says that it's currently working on fixes for both finding cheaters and preventing hacking. "There's still work to be done," Blizzard says, "but we're making improvements every day."