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Watch Lil Wayne give Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge a champagne bath

Watch Lil Wayne give Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge a champagne bath

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Today marks launch day for Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, and the company has just released a new ad featuring Lil Wayne in celebration. In the spot, Wayne douses his S7 Edge with a bottle of champagne. "I could pour this champagne on my phone and it still work," he proudly says as two friends look on in seeming disbelief. Naturally, one of Wayne's pals tries to do the same with what looks like an iPhone, and the device instantly meets its demise.

But have no fear; with an estimated net worth of $150 million, Lil Wayne has a second S7 Edge in his pocket, and the champagne pouring party continues on. It's a fun way of conveying one of the S7's best features — and there's a lot to like about Samsung's latest flagship. But note that Samsung doesn't actually want you to follow in Lil Wayne's footsteps. The fine print wastes no time discouraging this champagne bath practice with a line that says "do not attempt." You probably could do it and still be just fine, but definitely wash the thing off if you don't want to deal with sticky buttons afterward.

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