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John Oliver explains why Apple needs encryption to stay a step ahead of hackers

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We've heard from some heavyweight names on both sides in the ongoing encryption battle between Apple and the FBI, but as is increasingly common with complicated issues, perhaps the most succinct analysis has come from John Oliver. The comedian tackled the topic on his most recent show, coming out in favor of Apple for the most part, but taking the time to remind his viewers that the technology company is pushing so hard for encryption because it's only barely staying one step ahead of hackers.

Oliver's segment closes with a fake Apple ad, a repurposed version of one of the company's actual commercials that cuts between Apple engineers and a hacker named Gary, who's stolen your phone and is threatening to do unspeakable things to pictures of your family. "Keep enjoying our products," the ad's voiceover pleads, "just know this shaky edifice can crumble at any moment."

Oliver's taken a stand on privacy before. Last year he flew to Russia to meet with Edward Snowden and discuss the NSA spying scandal, again managing to reduce the complex issue to simple terms — namely, "do you want strangers to see pictures of your genitalia?"