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Microsoft discounts Dell’s XPS 13 by 31.4 percent to celebrate Pi Day

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Today is Pi Day, and Microsoft is celebrating the mathematical constant with some impressive deals on Dell laptops. In keeping with the Pi theme, Microsoft is taking 31.4 percent off Dell's latest XPS 13, so it starts at just $685.31 instead of $999. Only the base Core i5 model receives the big discount, but other versions include a $200 reduction. If you're interested in the Inspiron 13 or Inspiron 15, these are both discounted by 31.4 percent also as part of the promotion.

Alongside the Pi Day deals, Microsoft has also revealed its new spring sale that starts tomorrow. There's a $100 discount on some Surface Pro 4 models, and up to 50 percent off a number of PCs and laptops. Microsoft's spring deals last until stocks last, but the special Pi Day discounts on Dell laptops are only available today.