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Gone Home developer delays sci-fi adventure Tacoma to 2017

Gone Home developer delays sci-fi adventure Tacoma to 2017

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The sci-fi adventure set to follow up indie-hit Gone Home has been delayed until next year. Game studio Fullbright announced this morning that development on Tacoma has taken longer than expected, requiring it to push the game's release date from "mid-to-late 2016" to spring of 2017.

"[We] decided to reexamine and rework a number of the core assumptions we’d held about the game" after receiving feedback on an early build, the studio writes. "It’s been an important process ... but it’s also taken time." Fullbright says that a recent play test of the changes have made the additional work "feel very worth it," suggesting the quality of the game is back where the studio would like it to be.

Fullbright intends to show more of the game this summer

Tacoma puts players inside a lunar base whose crew has disappeared. The game has players exploring the ship and the audio and holographic video logs left behind. Fullbright previewed the game back in August, showing a quiet but compelling beginning to its adventure.

Fullbright makes it sound like, after receiving feedback from other developers, the studio realized some aspects of the game just weren't fun or delivering the emotional impact that it's known for. Since that time, the studio says it's reworked many elements of the game. That additional work wasn't expected — and therefore wasn't included in its original release timeline, leading to today's announcement of a delay. Fullbright says it's now "polishing up a sample" of its new work with plans to show it off this summer.