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It took Kanye the length of a free Tidal subscription to update The Life of Pablo

It's probably a coincidence, but maybe you'd want to know

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kanye West made his first update to The Life of Pablo today, a change reflected only on Tidal, where Kanye says the album will live forever. As Reddit user JayElect points out, the album track "Famous" has gotten a few new lyrics and some minor production changes. It's not a big deal on its own (we knew the album was incomplete when it came out), but it is interesting that the update lands on the same day many new Tidal users will see their free trials expire.

The life of a Tidal free trial

TLOP came out on February 14th, exactly one month ago today, which is also the same length of a free trial on Tidal. This means that everyone who signed up for Tidal just to listen to TLOP will either need to start paying to hear Kanye's updates, or obtain the album illegally as changes are made.

Now, this is all probably a coincidence. I'm not so firmly entrenched in conspiracy theories to believe that Kanye timed this update to entice free subscribers to start paying for Tidal. Obviously, if you wanted to keep listening to TLOP legally for longer than a month, you were going to have to start paying for Tidal eventually. But Kanye's update will definitely steer users back to Tidal, which may remind them that their free ride is just about up.