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These are the games coming to Sony's PlayStation VR

Here's a list of what's confirmed so far

Today at its GDC virtual reality keynote, Sony revealed which experiences will graduate from tech demos into full-fledged PlayStation VR titles. Well, we got confirmation on some of them. We already had some sense of what this list would look like as PlayStation VR marches toward retail availability in October (for $399, in case you didn't hear), but Sony gave its GDC crowd another peek at the company's bold plans for the medium and games it hopes can separate the PlayStation experience from competing products from Facebook's Oculus, Samsung, and HTC / Valve. "VR is a natural evolution of the experience we at PlayStation strive to deliver to gamers," Andrew House said. Sony expects 50 games to be released between PlayStation VR's launch in October and the end of 2016. 20 of those titles are playing at GDC, but Sony didn't reveal a full list.



Gary the Gull


Harmonix Music VR

Job Simulator

Joshua Bell: Immersive Experience (tech demo)

Megaton Rainfall

Playroom VR

Star Wars: Battlefront VR experience



Tumble VR


Waltz of the Wizard

Wayward Sky

Xing: The Land Beyond