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We’ll be live from Sony’s PlayStation VR keynote at 5PM ET tonight

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Two years ago at GDC, Sony first unveiled its VR initiative, then called Project Morpheus. Today, the company is holding a press event all about PlayStation VR — and while it isn't entirely clear what will be announced, given Oculus and Vive's rapidly approaching launch dates, we wouldn't be surprised if the company finally divulged a price and release date.

Follow along: Sony's PlayStation VR press event live blog

Regardless of what Sony does (or doesn't) announce, the company has a lot of games to show off at this year's GDC —€” and whatever they do say, as soon as we find out, you will too.

Live coverage times across the world:

  • 02:00PM Pacific
  • 03:00PM Mountain
  • 04:00PM Central
  • 05:00PM Eastern
  • 09:00PM London
  • 10:00PM Paris
  • 12AM (March 16th) Moscow
  • 05:00AM (March 16th) Hong Kong
  • 06:00AM (March 16th) Tokyo
  • 08:00AM (March 16th) Sydney