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Steve Ballmer is setting up a meeting with Kanye West

Steve Ballmer is setting up a meeting with Kanye West

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

A beautiful friendship is blossoming between ex-Microsoft head Steve Ballmer and self-proclaimed greatest artist ever Kanye West. The two men are scheduled to meet this week, after they bonded yesterday over Chuck the Condor, the mascot for the Ballmer-owned LA Clippers. Chuck is barely a month old, but spurred by Kanye's apparent dislike of the team's new creation, Ballmer was happy to throw the beaky blue-and-red monstrosity under the bus.

Ballmer originally extended the invitation yesterday after West begged to be allowed to redesign the Clippers' mascot, offering the rapper first lunch, then the chance to attend a Clippers game. Tonight, he reiterated his commitment after Kanye tweeted that he was "%1000 Steve Ballmer."

The main topic of conversation will presumably be the mascot — an area Kanye has experience — but perhaps West will also take the time to pitch billionaire Ballmer on some of his business ideas. Thanks to his tweets, we know that Kanye has a list of startup ideas that has previously included a container company, emoticon autocorrect software, and "yatchs." Or maybe he'll just follow the same approach he did with Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, and plead for a billion dollars to pay off his $53 million debt.