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Microsoft close to testing browser extensions for Edge

Microsoft close to testing browser extensions for Edge

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Microsoft came close to publicly testing its browser extensions support for Edge last year, before delaying it to early 2016. Now it appears Microsoft is close to offering an early look at the feature to Windows 10 testers. MSPowerUser spotted that Microsoft's official website for Edge extensions went live briefly yesterday, before the company was able to pull it offline. While Microsoft put a similar website live in December, this latest site includes some additional details and extension download links.

It appears Microsoft will offer at least three extensions to test initially, including Microsoft Translator, a Reddit extension, and Mouse Gestures. Each extension can be manually installed during the initial beta test, and because of the way Microsoft has crafted its extensions support they can also be installed in Google Chrome. Microsoft has chosen to make it easier for developers to port their Chrome extensions over to Edge, so it makes sense that new Edge extensions will also work on Chrome.

It's not clear exactly when Microsoft will debut Edge extensions to Windows 10 testers, but the company is currently testing a number of builds internally with the support. Microsoft is planning to include extensions in the Window Store once the support is fully tested, and all Windows 10 users will be able to access them later this year.