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Fossil adds two new watches to its Android Wear lineup

Fossil adds two new watches to its Android Wear lineup

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Fossil is expanding its Android Wear smartwatch lineup today with two new models: the Q Wander and Q Marshal. The new watches follow the Q Founder that was released late last year and offer alternative designs to the Founder's heavy metal frame. They will be available later this year, starting at $275.

Both new watches are smaller than the Q Founder, with the Wander featuring a 44mm case and the Marshal offering a 46mm case. The Wander has a more feminine design, with a gold finish and softer lines, and interchangeable leather straps. Fossil describes the Q Marshal as having a "rugged case," with a navy blue finish and "vintage-inspired" leather straps.

Functionally, the Q Wander and Q Marshal should be similar to the Q Founder (and by extension, all other Android Wear watches, for that matter), as they have circular, always-on touchscreen displays, and voice controls. Fossil says the new watches will come with a revised wireless charger that's slimmer than the Q Founder's pillow-like apparatus.

Fossil Q Marshal

Fossil is on track to launch 100 wearable devices this year

Fossil has committed to launching 100 wearable devices this year, including these Android Wear watches and other, more basic activity trackers across its various brands. As part of that, it is also announcing the Q Motion, a basic activity tracker that also offers some smartphone notifications and a tap-based control system. It will hit stores this summer for $95.

Fossil Smart Analog watch

The company is also teasing what it calls "smarter analog watches," set to arrive later this fall. These devices can "alert you to incoming calls as well as notifications from your closest contacts with just the turn of the watch hands." They will also track activity, automatically update when moving between time zones, and display a second time zone. Fossil describes these new watches "ultimate convergence of fashion and technology," and says they'll be available in four different styles. We'll reserve judgement until we're able to get a look at them later this year.